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Leveraging enhanced security for better health care web services

Introducing the most advanced security standards employed for access management.

The snapshot


Creating modern and powerful web services for customers using secure IT applications and a back-end mainframe


Mutualisation of the costs by different clients using similar services


The most advanced security standards employed for access management

The challenge

MLOZ IT is a Belgian IT services provider that focuses on health care with around 500 employees. Its team, which includes analysts, project managers, developers, and network and systems engineers work tirelessly to ensure exceptional computer processing of health care expenses reimbursements.

Looking to protect its web services, MLOZ IT wanted to use the OAuth2 protocol, which offered various advantages such as the integration with its clients as well as access to features included in the roadmap of standard protocols.

The solution

Looking for an expert in the field, MLOZ IT chose Devoteam to partner on this project. Devoteam certainly delivered, with an out-of-the-box approach.

Using building blocks customizable for each client, MLOZ IT has been able to implement a solution using best practices for securing web services. This includes external user benefit that comes from advanced password management, access control policies and identity management.

The better change

Health insurance funds can now connect to MLOZ IT web services while using the most advanced security standards

Leading to the development of centralized components

Leveraging the strong features from the ForgeRock Identity Platform