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Orange Spain supercharge productivity by going Google

Google Cloud

The snapshot


A major productivity boost by deploying Google Workspace


App refreshment and fixing


Happy, focused employees

The challenge

Orange is a telecoms provider with an impressive 256 million+ clients worldwide. As a result, they have to progressively migrate their infrastructure to the Cloud, to improve employee performance using data to their advantage. 

They came to us needing automation of daily tasks, such as user registration, data extraction and processing, and lead collection. On top of this, their apps were out of date and needed a refresh and fix-up.

The solution

As Google Cloud partners, we stepped in to use our extensive knowledge and expertise to help Orange with its goals. 
First, we carried out Google Workspace developments and integrations – focusing on Google Sheets, Forms, Gmail and the Orange website.
After, more complex solutions were created based on Python, BigQuery and Google Maps, all with user-friendly interfaces. 

People’s experience

The Devoteam team has been able to understand our needs perfectly and facilitate their opinions to improve the ideas by making the project a reality, in short periods of time, with SCRUM methodology and without deviations

The better change

With a productivity ramp-up

A more effective and seamless solution integration with the Google ecosystem

Easier work lives and modern systems that help with day to day tasks