Security by design, SecDevOps: Security upstream!

The more cybersecurity is embedded within formalized policies and best practices, the more efficiently it will be addressed in both regular times as well as in times of crisis.

While the IDC survey results have highlighted a number of unfortunate shortcomings and obstacles, they have also confirmed that perceptions of cybersecurity have changed significantly. The same survey carried out some ten years ago would certainly have revealed low appreciation and interest in the subject at that time. Today, even if an organization has not yet made all the improvements on their list, particularly in terms of resources, everyone agrees that cybersecurity is a major issue that contributes directly to value creation.

The challenge for companies is to capitalize on this change of mindset both in organizational and operational terms. How can we ensure that cybersecurity is no longer a matter for specialists, to be dealt with separately, but rather a matter for everyone, effectively integrated into daily processes? It is this question of security management and its operational excellence that we are addressing here.